The goal for the team is to create a safe environment for the youth and leaders alike from beginning to end. We strive to build an environment from which those participating can not only explore an entirely new country, but to also unlock their true potential. At the helm of our support team will be our Culture, People and Wellbeing manager Quentin Stephens who you can learn more about at our meet the team page. Those concerned regarding medication, disabilities, allergies, dietary or anything regarding the wellbeing of yourself or your youth member, please use the email below.

Fundraising Ideas

Doing your own fundraising is a great way to help you get to a WSJ, which there will be lots of time for. The main thing is that the sooner you start the easier it will be. So either get together with others going from your area or make a plan to do it on your own and get started! Some ideas for this are; sausage sizzles, movie fundraisers, raffles, car washes, quiz nights, advertising and doing odd jobs for people in your community. Or you could get yourself a little part time job and start saving.

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