The goal for the team is to create a safe environment for the youth and leaders alike from beginning to end. We strive to build an environment from which those participating can not only explore an entirely new country, but to also unlock their true potential. At the helm of our support team will be our People, Culture and Wellbeing manager Vincent Rijlaarsdam. Those concerned regarding medication, disabilities, allergies, dietary or anything regarding the wellbeing of yourself or your youth member, please use the email below.

Fundraising Ideas

Doing your own fundraising is a great way to help you get to a WSJ, which there will be lots of time for. The main thing is that the sooner you start the easier it will be. So either get together with others going from your area or make a plan to do it on your own and get started! Some ideas for this are; sausage sizzles, movie fundraisers, raffles, car washes, quiz nights, advertising and doing odd jobs for people in your community. Or you could get yourself a little part time job and start saving.

There is an online database of grant providers at Generosity New Zealand, but you may need to visit your local library to gain access to the list that is available in your area. Alternatively, get in contact with your local Rotary or Lions Clubs.


Crowdfunding is another easy way to get money from friends and family with ease. Just sign up for a page at Givealttle. Or, why not write a letter to a local business and see if they will partially sponsor you to attend? Crowdfunding is another easy way to get money from friends and family with ease. Just sign up for a page at Givealittle. Or, why not write a letter to a local business and see if they will partially sponsor you to attend?

Sausage Sizzles

You can't beat a good old sausage sizzle for a fundraiser, you'll easily be able to earn $150-400 a day. Just get in touch with the local Mitre10, Bunnings, The Warehouse or Supermarket. Most places will even supply the BBQ and some will even donate the sausages, if they don't some butchers will do it for free too.

Chocolates or Lollies

Interworld Fundraising (no relationships with Scouts New Zealand) has a large variety of options for things you can sell which have a profit of 20-40%.


Really like home baking? Buy some ingredients from the supermarket and make some fudge, lamingtons, muesli bars, and sell them for a few dollars each or packets. Sell them to your friends, family, or convince your parents or caregivers to take them into work with them to sell.

Odd Jobs

Put out an advert on your local community Facebook page, Neighbourly, newspaper or even on the community noticeboard at the supermarket. There's bound to be someone out there who needs help to tidy up the garage, mow the lawns, clean up the gardens or paint the house or fence.

Movie Night

Get in contact with the cinemas or contact your Group Leader to book out the Scout Den for the night. Play the latest movie, sell some popcorn, fizzy drinks, lollies and fruit to earn some extra money while you have a captured audience.

Quiz Night

Either ask your Group Leader if you can book the Scout Den for the night and organise it yourself, or ask your parents to get in touch with the pub or bar and they might be able to arrange the whole thing for you.

Make a Recipe Book

Steal your mum or dad's favourite recipes, take a look online or ask your friends and put them in a book to sell to your friends or family.

Car Wash

Find somewhere on a busy street like the hardware store and ask if you can use their water to offer car washing to people who drive by. You'll easily get $5-10 a car!

Chop and Sell Firewood

Hit up the guy down the road who has a whole lot of surplus wood, ask around to see who's handing with the chainsaw and sell firewood by the trailer load.


Visit some of the local shops around the community and see if they will contribute and items to a raffle. Then start selling tickets to your friends, family, teachers or colleagues of your family members.

Car boot or Garage Sale

Organise a car boot sale at the carpark or paddock down the road, run it every month and charge $10 per car to come along. Or have a clean out our your place and have a garage sale, I'm sure your parents have stuff lying around that they don't need anymore.