Pre/Post Tour

23 November 2021

The time either side of the Jamboree might not seem as important or exciting but it will still include plenty of fun and adventure for us!

We will be doing Pre & Post Tour with just our contingent, which means we get to spend a lot of time together as a contingent exploring South Korea. It also means we have greater choice and flexibility with what we do during that that time.

At this stage we are not planning to visit any other neighbouring countries during the trip to keep plans simpler during the current pandemic. There is plenty to do in South Korea so don't fear that we'll be missing out though! We will spent most of our time in and around Seoul, which is the capital and easily the biggest city.

These are the key phases:

  • Auckland orientation: two nights together in Auckland with the whole contingent getting to know each other, preparing for representing our country and learning a bit about South Korean culture before getting on the plane!

  • Pre-Tour: Just over a week (minus a couple of nights for IST who need to head to the Jamboree site earlier) together exploring South Korea

  • Jamboree: this part should speak for itself.. if not, check out the quotes from past attendees here:

  • Post-Tour: 3 nights to recover from the Jamboree and celebrate the amazing experience we've had before making our way back home

Curious about what we'll get up to during the Pre & Post Tours? Here's some things that we're working on:

  • Homestay: we are working with the Korean Scout Association on the option of offering a homestay experience for two nights during the Pre-Tour

  • Visiting the DMZ (the de-militarized zone between North and South Korea): it is a very popular tourist activity and a really interesting glimpse into the relationship between the countries. Because this is a conflict area, this will be an opt-in activity.

  • Seoul Tower

  • Hanok Village & traditional palaces

  • Everland Theme Park: this is South Korea's largest and most popular theme park

  • Nanta performance

  • Cuisine experience: we'll make sure you have the opportunity to try different Korean foods, and maybe the opportunity to try making some too

  • Of course there will be some time for shopping too!

Think we're missing something that you'd love to do or see? Send an email to to let us know about it!

Created on: 23 November 2021, written by: Ross Jordan