World Scout Jamboree

What is a World Jamboree?

The World Scout Jamboree is an awesome event that all Scouting youth can look forward to! It's a worldwide youth camp held every four years, with the aim of cultural exchange and building incredible, life-long friendships. It is the World's leading international youth event, and brings countries of the World together to experience the trip of a lifetime.

Youth will develop social and leadership skills, as well as important life skills that will help them in years to come, all with like-minded Scouts, who they will create lifelong friendships with.

World Scout Jamboree is more than a camp. It is a place where youth will get experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, and will grow and develop throughout.

When is WSJ?

The World Scout Jamboree is held on Friday 30 July 2027 - Sunday 8 August, 2027.

50,000+ Attendees

The value of a World Scout Jamboree experience is truly too big to put into words. You will travel to Poland with a group of like-minded Kiwis who, over the time you're away, will become like a family to you. You will meet people from different countries and experience cultures from all around the world. Some of these people will become great friends that you will have for a lifetime. The World Scout Jamboree is the trip of a lifetime, and an unforgettable one at that. It is an incredible and truly unique Scouting experience.

Where is WSJ?

The 26th World Scout Jamboree will be held in
Gdańsk, Poland.

Quotes from Past Attendees

“When I heard rumours that the next World Scout Jamboree was going to be held somewhere in America, I jumped at the chance to be one of the few lucky leaders to be with a unit/patrol. I got to see many places that I wouldn’t normally have visited and will most likely never see again. Scouts has taught me many things over the years but being part of that tight-knit contingent, where everyone knew everyone was a very special experience.

I still keep in touch with the Leaders, Scouts and Ventures who were part of the New Zealand Contingent. I know that like myself, most of the group are more than happy to offer our services for the next World Scout Jamboree.”

Ben - Unit Leader 

“The WSJ19 was an awesome three weeks away getting to know scouts and other members from all around the world. I was put out of my comfort zone while I was doing my job as a tour guide, which meant I was able to grow and become more confident in myself. I was in helping hands within the scouting community. People I had known for less than a week or two were more than happy to help out with anything. I think this is a perfect example of the scout family helping each other.”

Ruby-May - IST 

"World Jamboree was an awesome, eye opening and rewarding experience. A once in a lifetime opportunity as a 15 year old Venturer, I was told that it was the ultimate adventure as a scout. I made friends across the world and came back with some insane stories of traveling and seeing new places. I still think about my time over at the 24th World Scout Jamboree hosted in North America as the peak of my many Scouting experiences and still have friends that I travel, see, and talk to all the time across the world and back home here in NZ. It’s an awesome experience well worth it for those of you are who are brave enough to take on the challenge."

Sean Hancock - Patrol Leader

"Attending the WSJ2019 woke me up to the fact that there's so much to the world that I just haven't seen yet, and that experiencing other cultures is something I should do as much as possible. I consider myself very privileged to have been able to go, and would be honored to attend the next one. Scouting has been a major point in my life for over 11 years, and I am excited at the prospect of beginning my path as a leader, and attending amazing experiences like future WSJs. I consider my experience in America to be the best time of my life; between seeing countless new places and faces, to going to a camp the size of a town, I was blown away by how much there was to take in. I would love to be able to provide that experience to any other youth participant."

Hamish Fordyce - Patrol Leader

"The World Scout Jamboree was a unique, challenging and overall amazing experience. Thirty teenagers from around NZ who’d never met before coming together - for what was some people’s first trips outside of NZ - becoming family by the end of the three week-long trip.

At the Jamboree you meet people from all over the world and get to experience all sorts of different cultures, especially as New Zealand scarves and badges are some of the most sought after at the camp! It’s an absolutely unforgettable experience, and the memories and friendships you make there will last a lifetime."

Sophie Collingridge - 1st Karori Scout Group