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Passports & K-ETAs

Vaccine Guidance

Travel Vaccination

South Korea has regular cases of a number of preventable diseases that occur in tropical areas. These diseases include typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, and malaria, and are all preventable via vaccination or preventative medication. 

We strongly recommend that all contingent members seek a travel consultation with their GP, or a qualified travel doctor before traveling. These should be completed by the end of May at the latest, if possible. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend specific vaccines. Which vaccinations you may require depends on your medical history, personal risk factors, previous travel history, and previous vaccination history.

Key points to tell your travel doctor 

Pro tip: Print this out and give it to your doctor, or send it to them in advance when you book your appointment.

Bring a copy of your existing vaccinations (from your GP) along, and ask for a ‘yellow book’ during your appointment. 

New Zealand Vaccination Schedule

We strongly recommend being up to date with the New Zealand Immunization Schedule. Your GP should have records of what vaccinations you have had, and what you may require.

Covid-19 Vaccinations 

We strongly recommend being up to date with all available boosters

For those who are over 30, there is now an additional vaccination available that protects against the Omicron strain. 

For those under the age of 30, you can discuss the option of getting the new booster via prescription with your GP.

Uniforms & Badge Placement

Sorting our your Passport

As someone who has worked in a store where we took passport photos, I would like to offer advice for those needing to renew their passport to make your lives easier.

Do you need to renew your passport? Is it out of date? Will it still be valid in the extremely unlikely situation that we have to stay longer for whatever reason? Yes? No? No idea at all? No worries! Check out this diagram on what to do to make the process with passports much easier!


Visa: What you need to know

Will you be travelling on a New Zealand passport?

Yes → we are visa-exempt but a Korean Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) is required. This is an individual process that you will all need to complete yourselves. Please complete this process as soon as possible, and once you’ve got a confirmed K-ETA, please forward the email to

No → you need to investigate your own visa situation based on the passport you will be travelling with. It is your responsibility to arrange a visa if required or follow the K-ETA process if you are also visa-exempt. You should arrange this as soon as possible and once you’ve got a confirmed visa/K-ETA, please forward the email/details to

K-ETA: How to apply

The K-ETA is an official approval from the South Korean Government that you can enter the country - so pretty important that we get it sorted! We’ve tested it out so that we can give you tips to make it easier for you! It is a reasonably straightforward process but there are some things you need to prepare before applying.


To apply for the K-ETA, head to and select Apply for K-ETA. 

When you’re asked for the purpose of your trip, select ‘Event’. You will need to enter the contact address and phone number below in your application too. Entering the address is a bit difficult - it seems that we need to search with just the zip code and Sinjaesaengeneoji’ as the address, then click the magnifying glass to search, and select the address that matches the full address below from the list. Once you’ve confirmed the address, enter the contact name in the box below the address.

Once you’ve done that, the section should look like this:

Remember: please apply for this soon, and then forward the email to once you’ve got confirmed approval for your K-ETA. 

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