Registration Update

2 November 2021

We're on track to having our largest contingent in a long time! So far we have an impressive 59 applications across the country including enough youth participants for a dedicated Aotearoa Troop.

The current applications that we have received are:

  • 41 Youth Participants

  • 8 Unit Leaders

  • 5 International Services Team

  • 5 Contingent Management Team

Just a reminder that there are limited spaces for Unit Leaders therefore there will be a selection process beginning in December.

Most of the applicants are surprisingly from Venturers (60%), with Scouts 37% and the remainder are Associates (not assigned to a Scout Group).

Make sure you get your registration completed by 30 November!

Ngā mihi

Justin Stewart

New Zealand Contingent Leader

24th World Scout Jamboree

Created on: 2 November 2021, written by: Justin Stewart