Unsure if it'll actually happen?

17 November 2021

That’s a really good question. With the world still in the middle of a pandemic and you're not sure about whether or not it is too much of a risk to come along. Take a look at my thoughts to where we are heading and why I think we will be able to go in 2023.

I think it’s important to think about that decision in the context of the rest of the world. New Zealand has done an awesome job at minimising and eliminating the transmission of COVID-19. With this strategy it has meant that we have had to keep borders closed longer than other (western) countries, but as delta goes throughout the community in New Zealand, and as we change our approach we will see that the borders will become less of a tool at slowing down the virus. We may then follow what other countries have done and open our borders again. This approach we have seen being taken by most other western countries.

In terms of our deposit and payment schedule, this is because we need to confirm our numbers to the World Scout Jamboree in December and they will then charge us for that quantity which we need to pay very soon. This is to allow them to plan the event with certainty over numbers.

The World Scout Jamboree have stated that if they end up cancelling the event, they will refund the full amount of the registration - although we may still have other commitments and deposits that we have made that is not refundable. We have asked "what would happen if our government does not allow international travel?" to the World Scout Jamboree. Their answer was that they will look at it on a case by case basis. With a contingent our size (relatively small) I personally would expect that we would be able to get at least a partial refund (no guarantees).

The Aotearoa Contingent Management Team including myself all need to pay the same fee as you do, so it is within our best interest to manage the commitments we make as best we can to ensure in the unlikely event that we need to cancel, we get as much of a refund as possible.

In terms of the number of registrations to date (17 November 2023), we have been very successful in Aotearoa with 67 applicants. This is larger than the last three World Scout Jamborees, with the largest being in 2007 for the Jamboree that celebrated 100 Years of Scouting. I’ve heard from other countries around the world that they’re also seeing a similar or larger number of registration in the past. This is very encouraging news.

Hopefully that helps you with your decision making on whether or not you attend the Jamboree. We are unable to take on any late registrations as the World Jamboree must have confirmed numbers in December 2021.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Ngā mihi

Justin Stewart

New Zealand Contingent Leader

24th World Scout Jamboree

Created on: 17 November 2021, written by: Justin Stewart